Walker Stalker 2017 This Weekend!

When I found out that I would be covering Walker Stalker for Power 96.1, I was beyond excited.  It’s like a dream come true! I’m a huge fan of the genre.  I’ve watched every episode of every season of ‘The Walking Dead.’ I’ve watched the marathon weekends before the start of each new season.  I’ve stayed loyal to the brand and have watched all of ‘Fear The Walking Dead.’ I’ve dragged my family to Senoia, GA (where the main street was the backdrop for Woodbury and the Alexandria set is across the street) no less than 20 times in hopes of seeing an actor from TWD. We lucked out while eating at Nic & Norman’s in Senoia on our wedding anniversary last year.  Greg Nicotero himself came into the restaurant and graciously met and took photos with us all.  When we were about to pay our bill, Norman Reedus walked in and slipped into a booth at the back of the restaurant.  We were going to keep ordering things in order to stay until Norman was done eating, but we figured four desserts was our limit.  It was enough to know that we were in the same room as him. Anyway, back to Walker Stalker…

Today I picked up the “Media Convention Coverage” badges.  It was surprisingly low key at the Georgia World Congress Center - the calm before the zombie apocalypse that will begin tomorrow.  Although I did see one Daryl Dixon t-shirt after another, I didn’t see any other signs of zombie transformation.  The couple in front of me was impressive.  As I walked up to the VIP booth, they were receiving their vouchers for all of the autograph and photo sessions they purchased.  Since I checked out the prices of these sessions online, I know they spent well over $1000 on these.  They even had a bag with files in it to keep their weekend organized.  That was the extent of the excitement for today.  

So, on this night before Walker Stalker Atlanta 2017, I can say that I don’t know what to expect, but I am looking forward to the unexpected.  The panels scheduled on the main stage are amazing in name alone: “Sitting in a Tree,” “The Good Guys,” “OG Crew,” “Fear the Walking Dead,” “Lovers, Fighters,” “Negan,” “Abraham’s Army,” “The Troublemakers,” “Woodbury Reunion,” “The Kingdom.”  All of the fan favorites, besides Glenn, are going to be there. Although I tend to be focused on the TWD, there are amazing panels for shows like “Boondocks Saints,” “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” “Lost,” “Bates Motel,” “Z Nation,” and “Sons of Anarchy” to name a few. There is a little something for everyone.  In addition to photographing the panels, I can’t wait to see the people who go all in with the cosplay action.  They never disappoint!  

I’ll report back starting tomorrow and share my experiences with you.  Until then, keep getting ready for Halloween and a new episode of TWD on Sunday night! 

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