Walker Stalker 2017 Atlanta Recap

Ah, Walker Stalker!  What an unbelievable weekend!  This was my first convention, and I will definitely will be going back next year.  For any fan of ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ or anything zombie-related, Walker Stalker is for you.  It. Was. Awesome.

The highlight for me were the panels.  Walker Stalker did a great job of putting together interesting and highly entertaining groups of past and present characters from both of the AMC shows.  30 actors!  As an avid watcher of both shows, it was surreal to be able to see and hear each of the actors from different groups interact with one another, and they were all so gracious and kind to the fans. From Andrew Lincoln (”Rick Grimes”) to David Morrissey (”The Governor”), to Danai Gurira (”Michonne’”) to Laurie Holden (”Andrea”), there were so many great moments. Although all of the panels were amazing, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s (”Negan’) Q&A stood out among the others.  Morgan walked around the stage the entire time interacting with the crowd, answered any and every question asked, granted special requests from fans, and he even had a run-in with a mini Negan who did an unreal impersonation of him.  The panels were incredible!

In addition to all of the panels and amazing cosplay everywhere you looked, the vendor floor was the ultimate fan central.  Any zombie-centric product you could possibly imagine could be found for sale.  From t-shirts to life-sized bobble heads of Daryl to pumpkins that could be carved to the likeness of any favorite actor, it was all there for purchase.  It was also awesome to walk down the “road of stars” and see so many favorite actors from various shows taking photos and talking with fans.  

Walker Stalker Atlanta 2017 did not disappoint!  It was such a special experience and so cool to witness the joy and happiness brought to all of the  dedicated fans and to see the gratefulness of the actors who know the fans make it all possible.  For any zombie-lover, Walker Stalker is a Bucket List must.

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