Charli XCX Takes on a Massively Ambitious Project During Quarantine

Charli XCX is among those artists using the time under quarantine to create new music but Charli is taking it a step further than most by announcing she’ll not only be writing and recording an entire album -- from front to back-- but also releasing it before the quarantine is lifted.

She decided to make the commitment official by announcing it on Instagram to force herself to at least try to follow through with promise.

"For me staying positive goes hand-in-hand with being creative so that’s why I’ve decided to use this isolation time to make a brand new record from scratch," she shared. "I’m only going to be able to use the tools at my fingertips to create all the music all the videos artwork everything. The album is going to come out MAY 15th which is kinda soonish so hopefully I meet the deadline."

She plans to call the album "How I’m Feeling" at least for now and will be very open on social with the creative process, posting demos and spitballing ideas.

We can't wait to follow along!

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