'Quarantine Look' Hinge Caller Seacrest Helped Out Gives Us an Update

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Remember Evan? The Hinger user who needed help avoiding catfishing his date with his new quarantine look? He called in and gave Ryan Seacrest a candid update on-air on how the date went.

Evan shared that Courtney invited him over to watch sports Sunday night and that things went well.

“The hair was a hit. That’s what I’ll say,” Evan teased, referring to his new locks and mustache.

ICYMI, Evan was nervous that he’d scare his date away given his Hinge profile pics were pre-quarantine lockdown. 

“I’m not going to cut my hair anytime soon,” he added, candidly concluding that the night ended in a “grand slam.”

Listen back to Seacrest, Sisanie and Tanya react in the audio above and click here in case you missed Evan’s initial call.