MLB Tweeted Out Postseason Odds . . . and One Team Has a 0.0% Chance

Major League Baseball just Tweeted out a list of every team's postseason odds for 2021, as compiled by the Fangraphs website.

Of course, no team has a 100% chance of making it . . . that would be crazy. However, one team DOES have a 0.0% chance: The Baltimore Orioles. (???)

The teams with the BEST odds are: The L.A. Dodgers(96.7%), the San Diego Padres(92.9%), and the New York Yankees(91.6%). The New York Mets are a more distant fourth (81.2%).

The Orioles are the only team with a 0.0% chance, but three others are below 1%. The Colorado Rockies(0.1%), the Pittsburgh Pirates(0.4%), the Miami Marlins(0.7%), and the Texas Rangers(0.8%).

(It's funny that instead of 0%, they actually listed it as 0.0%. Baseball is probably the hardest sport for a bad team to slip into the playoffs . . . since there a million games . . . so it'll take a lot for the Orioles to shock the world.)

(To put it another way, Baltimore's chances of making the post season are the same as Bluto's GPA in"Animal House".)