Women Pick The Physical Attributes Of Men Who Are The Best In Bed

It’s no secret that it isn’t exactly easy to find the perfect guy, and even if you think you have you likely won’t know if you’re sexually compatible until you get into the bedroom. But what if you could tell just by looking at them? 

Well, a new survey asked women to reveal the physical attributes of men they've had the best sex with, so if you follow these guidelines you may insure yourself a better time in the sack.

According to the poll:

  • Facial hair is key, with 73% of women saying their best sexual partner had a beard.
  • 71% of women identified brown-eyed men as their best sexual partners.
  • And 70% gave props to men with piercings.
  • Other top physical attributes of great sexual partners include:
    • Broad shoulders (68%)
    • Tattoos (65%)
    • Brown hair (59%)
    • Snail trail (58%)
    • Small feet (53%)
    • Glasses (51%)
    • High cheekbones (49%) 

As for male features you may want to stay away from so you’re not disappointed:

  • Only 36% of women said they had great sex with men with bushy eyebrows.
  • Other features low on the list include:
    • Big hands (37%)
    • Bald (40%)
    • Blue eyes (44%)
    • Blonde hair (46%) 

Source:The Sun