Taco Bell Testing Entry Into The Chicken Sandwich Wars

Yet another fast food chain looks to be entering the chicken sandwich wars…but with a twist.

Taco Bell just announced that starting next month they are going to be testing out what they are calling the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco. The “sandwich” will be served “in a puffy bread, shaped in an iconic taco form and filled with a piece of crispy tortilla chicken.” It will also feature chipotle sauce, with a spicier version adding crunchy jalapeño slices.

Testing will begin March 11thin Nashville, Tennessee and Charlotte, North Carolina, with the taco selling for $2.49. It will only be available for a limited time, but the chain said the taco is expected to debut nationwide later this year. They also teased that the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco isn’t the "only crispy chicken innovation arriving in 2021."

Source:USA Today

Image: Getty Images