Your Cat Is Ruining Your Love Life!

By now you’ve probably heard that having an animal in your dating profile pic will help you land more matches, but new research has found there’s at least one exception to the rule. Sorry to all the straight dudes out there that love their feline friends, but your kitty isn’t doing you know favors in your love life.

The researchers showed pictures of hetero dudes posing with a cat to a group of women and 1,300 of them said the cat guys were “less masculine when holding the cat, higher in neuroticism, agreeableness, and openness.”And beteedubs?“Less dateable.” To give you an idea of just how much of a bias there is against our litterbox-loving friends, dogs were found to give straight and gay men a 20% higher chance on average for scoring a match.

But don’t go to Facebook to look for a foster just yet. If you’re okay with having 5% fewer dates, keep rocking your kitty loud and proud on your profile because that’s exactly how much less action straight men with cats are said to get on Match. Meanwhile, that number jumps up to 7% for straight women.One might say those ‘crazy cat lady vibes’ are tough to fight off.