Buddying Up Is The Key To A Successful Workout

While not being able to go to the gym hurt our gains, this past year’s social distance policies also stopped us from accessing another huge piece of fitness success.Our friends.

Buddying, aka getting together with your bestie to workout, is great because it keeps you both accountable and the act of catching up with them helps you release feel-good endorphins. If you can find a way to get back into an exercise routine with your friends and family safely, you’ll only stand to get more out of your sessions.

But if you’re afraid of infection, here’s some good news. You don’t need to ‘buddy’ with another human to get the benefits. Mahny Djahanguiri started teaching “Doga – Yoga For You and Your Dog” back in 2012 and says it “creates a better bond between owners and their pets while offering dogs the same health benefits yoga gives us.” And according to Mahny, “research shows that petting your dog can have the same effect on your mood as caring for a baby.”Which is probably where that whole pet-parent thing came from.

  • Baby Buddying. Speaking of babies, there is a growing movement of people working out with their babies.And quite often using their newborns in their workouts.For example, the founder of LDN Mums Fitness, Sarah Campus, does squats and lunges while holding her baby and says their workouts strengthen the bond between them and “improves his concentration and bone growth.”