Dating Slang 2021

With all the jargon, slang and new terms out there, dating can be a confusing mess (more so than usual). That goes for the kid just out of high school, and even more so for the older dude who’s divorced, widowed, or just out of a long-term relationship and hasn’t had to be on his dating game for a while. Don’t fear, though…help is on the way. Here are a few new terms to get familiar with as you navigate the dating minefield in 2021.

  • Benching –When you’re with someone, but you’re not so into them that you’re not continuing to look elsewhere…thereby keeping them on the “bench.”
  • Breadcrumbing –It’s done by someone is too spineless to break it off, so you keep stringing them along with occasional, but non-committal messages.
  • Cisgender [[sis-JEN-der]]– A term referring to a person whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth.
  • Curve –Another way of saying you got rejected, shot down or dissed.
  • Cushioning –It’s what you’re doing if you stay in contact with someone just in case your current thing doesn’t play out.
  • Demisexual –A person whose sex drive is tied to an emotional connection. No one-night stands with this group.
  • DTR Conversation –When you have it, that’s the pivotal moment you determine if you’re in a true relationship, friends with benefits, keeping it casual, or whatever.
  • Emergency Call –It’s that “call” that comes when you’re ready to bail on a date.
  • Firedooring –It’s a one-way street where someone never responds to you, but occasionally reaches out when it works for them. You don’t need this.
  • Half-Night Stand– Like a one-night stand, but they’re out the door immediately after the sex is over.No need to make breakfast here.
  • Orbiting –It’s just a small step above “ghosting,” where you see an occasional “like” on your social media to get your hopes up…but it’s never more than that. They’re still around, but it’s not going any further than that.
  • Roaching –It’s when someone is still “dating around” and doesn’t tell the other person, and then says they didn’t know there were rules once called on it.
  • Stashing –When someone isn’t acknowledging the existence of a dating partner to friends, family, or even on social media. They’re “stashed” from view.

There are plenty more. See all 61HERE, and good luck.

Source:Ask Men