Pandemic Sped Up Many Couples Relationships

While the past year has tested a lot of relationships, it seems for some it actually sped theirs up.

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • In general, over 30% of couples say they’ve said, “I love you” within a couple of months of meeting.
  • But the last year has sped up many relationships.
  • In fact, 53% of couples in new relationships say the pandemic resulted in things moving faster than normal.
  • 21% of couples say that due to the pandemic, they moved in together after just two months.
  • 43% say they reached relationship milestones sooner than they had pre-pandemic.
  • For example, 25% introduced each other to their parents in the first two months and 40% had already planned a staycation together.
  • But no everyone thinks moving so quickly was a good thing.
  • In fact, 78% say they wouldn’t have moved in with their partner as fast if it weren’t for the pandemic.
  • And 62% of those who declared their love for their partner, wouldn’t have done it so early had it not been for COVID.
  • For some, the past year has been a good thing for their relationship, with 72% saying lockdown helped make them stronger.
  • But it wasn’t all good news.
    • 52% of people ended a relationship within the past year and a half.
    • A third said lockdowns put a strain on their relationship.
    • 29% say they grew apart because they couldn’t spend as much time together.
    • 25% say spending too much time at home revealed cracks in their relationship.

Source:SWNS Digital