The Sauce, With Sos 4/16/21


It’s definitely the end of the road for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. As I told you, the two have decided that they’re better as friends – and will remain so. They’ll also continue to work together and support each other’s shared businesses and projects.

Meanwhile, there’s the matter of the ring. J-Lo hasn’t been wearing it lately. According to an insider with direct knowledge of the situation, she still has the $1-point-8 million sparkler, but she didn’t take it to the Dominican Republic set of her latest film for security reasons. At this point, she and A-Rod haven’t discussed the fate of it, but they probably won’t trip about it because she fortified his massive watch collection during their course of their relationship. 

While J-Lo may want to take some time to heal from her time with A-Rod, she doesn’t have to do it alone. Several in the Twitterverse have expressed interest in shooting their shot with Jenny from the Block. One woman said, “My husband is so excited Jennifer Lopez J-Lo is available again. He’s been trying to dump me for her for 15 years now! I’m rooting for him.” Meanwhile, one man said he was going to pull a “Say Anything” on her. Another was more direct with, “Apparently J-Lo is single again…I’m about to shoot my shot.”


As you’ll recall, Prince Harry and Prince William will reunite for Prince Philip’s funeral tomorrow. Under health safety guidelines, the funeral will be a more intimate affair with only a small group of Royals following behind Philip’s coffin as it’s carried to St. George’s Chapel in Windsor… but Harry and William will be keeping their distance from each other.

Under the Queen’s orders, Harry and William won’t walk together at the funeral. They’ll be separated by their cousin Peter Phillips for the procession, and Wills will move ahead of Harry to be seated separately once they enter St. George’s Chapel. In a statement, a rep for Buckingham Palace says that’s to avoid “perceptions of drama” at the event, “to reflect Her Majesty’s wishes.”

Despite that drama, a source tells“Us Weekly”that Philip and Harry had a “very close relationship. “They may not have been able to communicate during the final year or so of his life,” the insider adds. “[But] Philip thought extremely fondly of his grandson and vice versa.”

Source:Daily Mail