A Woman Finds Someone Slashed Her Tires And Cut Off Their Own FINGER

Just when you think you've heard it ALL - There's a woman named Francesca Wikoff in Maricopa, Arizona. She woke up on Thursday to find someone had slashed the tires on her family's truck in the driveway.

But that wasn't all they slashed. Because right next to the tire, Francesca also found . . . a SEVERED FINGER. Yes, whoever slashed her tires also cut off their own finger in the process, then they left it behind.

She thinks it might be her neighbor because they'd argued the night before, and there was a trail of blood leading from her driveway to his house. The police bagged up the finger and took it, maybe for fingerprinting? Francesca says she's waiting to hear from them.

She says, quote, "You would think . . . you would take the finger with you. I don't find joy in anybody hurting themselves. However, karma has a good way of working itself out." 

(AZ Family)