Signs Your Lockdown Relationship Is Just A Quaranfling!

Now that things are opening back up, people that started their relationships in lockdown are all having the same thought.‘Is this a love built on solid ground or did we get together just because we didn’t want to be alone.’Here is how the experts say you can tell the difference.

  • Milestones. Do a quick recap of the things you and your quarantine boo have done in the past year. According to psychologist Briony Leo, “if you’ve been talking about the future together, aspects of your lives are intertwined, [or] if you have met each other’s friends” those are all good signs you’re going to last after herd immunity is achieved.
  • Turbocharging.If you’re nervous that your relationship is among the many that jumped light years in just a few months and think maybe you moved in together too soon, here’s some good news. Dating expertHayley Quinnsays, while signing onto a lease with someone to avoid being alone for lockdown might sound “unromantic,” it “could actually be a great way to keep your love life alive.”
  • Ask Them.The easiest way to find out where you stand is simply to ask your partner. If they say something along the lines of, “I thought we were just having fun,”you know your answer.