Atlanta Is One of the Top Cities For Naked Gardening

These cities are about to become more enticing for a very specific subset of people. But doesn't it really come down to how cool your neighbors are? Someone ranked America's 100 biggest cities according to which ones are the best for NAKED GARDENING.

They looked at how many nudists there are per capita . . . the weather, and how easy gardening is in general . . . how often people google the word "nudist" . . . and also safety, or how likely you are to be ATTACKED for gardening in the buff.

1. Miami. It's in the top five for nudists per capita and cities for "urban gardening."

2. Austin.

3. Seattle.

4. Atlanta.

5. Portland, Oregon.

6. Anaheim.

7. Orlando.

8. Riverside, California.

9. Irvine, California.

10. Santa Ana, California. 

Of the 100 cities they looked at, Lincoln, Nebraska is the WORST for nude gardening. Followed by Boise, Idaho . . . Fort Wayne, Indiana . . . Indianapolis . . . and Memphis.