Seeing Someone Check Their Phone Makes You Want To Do It, Just Like Yawning

I thought this only happened with yawning. I guess our tech is a natural extension of our anatomy now: When you see someone yawn, it tends to make YOU want to yawn, right? 

Well, a new study found the same thing also happens with our PHONES.

Researchers in Italy wanted to see how many people would check their phone if they saw someone else check theirs. So they tried it with 184 people who didn't know they were being watched. 

And HALF of them picked up their own phone within 30 seconds.

Our first question was . . . well, don't a lot of us check our phone every 30 seconds now anyway? But when people in the study didn't see someone check their phone, less than 1% picked their own phone up. 

It's a phenomenon called the "chameleon effect."

Source: NewScientist

Image Source: Getty Images