Are One-Night Stands A Thing Of The Past?

Now that America is opening up, that means more singles are going back to dating in real life, but a new survey shows that the past year has had a major effect on the dating scene.

The Plenty of Fish poll finds:

  • 42% of singles are open to physical intimacy again and want to meet new matches.
  • But two-thirds say they plan to continue to connect virtually, in ways such as:
    • Video chats (61%)
    • Sexting (54%)
    • Phone sex (47%)
  • In fact, 64% of singles say the past year has changed their views on what intimacy is.
  • 57% say they now put a higher value on emotional or intellectual intimacy.
  • 45% actually find a physical connect less important. 

And it doesn’t look like things are going to go back to normal all that fast.

  • 51% of singles say they believe one-night stands will be a thing of the past once the pandemic is over.
  • Surprisingly men are more likely to think that than women (61% vs. 45%).
  • 45% say they are more confident in their virtual sexual intimacy than they are with their in-person skills.
  • And sexting isn’t going away anytime soon, with 61% saying it will become more popular than ever.
  • ONE MORE THING! So, how did singles satisfy their physical intimacy needs during lockdown? Well, 76% embarked on a friends with benefits situation, with 85% turning to their roommates to be their FWB.

Source:Yahoo Finance