Man Busted Using Same Pickup Line On Multiple Women On Hinge

No one wants to hear a cheesy pickup line from a potential love interest, but even worse? Finding out he’s used the same line on one of your besties. And that’s just what happened to one woman after a guy left a comment on her photo on a dating app and it seemed nice enough … but it was the exact same thing he’d written to her friend.

The line reads, “This is hands down the nicest picture I’ve seen in my entire Hinge career x.” And the woman didn’t miss a beat, responding, “You said this to my friend as well hahahahahaha.” But instead of feeling embarrassed over it, the dude outed himself on Twitter. Shaun McLaren posted screenshots of the exchange and has pledged to change his online pickup line as a result. “Probably time I came up with a new opener....your boy's been absolutely rumbled," he writes.

And his followers have been having lots of fun at his expense:

  • One suggests, “Just say her friend’s was … but now you have seen hers and she’s down to second place.”
  • “I mean to be fair you can use the same line if every girl gets nicer and nicer, you’re not technically lying.”
  • Another suggests, “Could’ve saved it mate, ‘then I saw you.’”
  • “D*mn if you don’t want it anymore, I guess I’ll take it,” tweets another.
  • And some chime in to let McLaren know he’s not the only one using the same line on multiple people while online dating, like one who writes, “I reckon I can get away with it for a bit longer.”

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