This "Cuffing Season" Will Bring Historical Records!

Yet another thing the pandemic is going to have an effect on? Cuffing season, that period of time post Labor Day where singles seriously start looking for a relationship so they’re not alone as the colder months arrive. This year’s cuffing season is expected to start earlier and be the biggest one yet, according to dating consultant Andrea McGinty of

We’ve spent the past year and a half mostly in solitude, many of us learning about ourselves and what we actually want. As we crave human interaction now more than ever, the search for Mr. or Mrs. Right is on.

McGinty goes into depth, saying, “I saw an immediate explosion on my website over Labor Day weekend, which signifies that 'Cuffing' is beginning a month earlier than normal,” adding, “There has been an increase in people looking for long-term relationships. When the lockdowns ended, people went to see their families and travel. But now, singles are focusing on themselves."


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