Foods You Should NEVER Eat On A First Date!

A first date is always a nerve-wracking experience filled with uncertainty. There’s no reason to tilt the odds against you with choosing the wrong food to eat. What you eat, how you eat it, the mess you make, and what it does to your body afterwards can leave more of an impression than you’d be comfortable with.

  • Boring Foods –Salad, vanilla ice cream, or anything from the kiddie menu will tell your date that you’re boring, unadventurous, predictable, and not fun.
  • Dairy –If you have sensitivities, your body could end up deciding for you when the date’s over.
  • Too Big –Stick to reasonably-sized food. Don’t go for the gargantuan sub. You’ll look weird, possibly make a mess when it falls apart, and come off like a glutton.
  • Red Sauce –A couple drips and you’re stained for the night. Why risk it?
  • Burping/Farting –Unless her Tinder profile boasts on her gaseous ability, stay away from heavy carbonation and stuff that stinks when it rears up.
  • Stinky Foods –If you want a good night kiss, staying away from heavy garlic, and foods like it, would be a wise move.
  • The Same Order –If you order the same thing your date orders, you’re taking away a big talking point and potentially romantic food-sharing moment.
  • Soups –Like with red sauces, the mess risk is higher…and slurpier.
  • Spicy –If you can’t handle the spice, don’t order it. Don’t feel like you have to compete if she’s clearly superior in the spice arena.
  • Fast Food –You’ll look “cheap, uninterested, and unrefined.”
  • Expensive –It’s not only pricey but sets up an unrealistic precedent.
  • Gross Meat –You might love pig’s feet in real life, but there’s no reason to order it on a first date.
  • Exotic Animals –You run the risk of grossing her out with grasshopper cuisine or disgusting her because she thinks ostriches are cute.
  • What She Can’t Eat –If you know there’s something she can’t eat, don’t order it. You can’t share it and you can’t discuss it unless you want to find out some uncomfortable medical history.

Beyond all that…Bon Appetit!

Source:Ask Men

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