Guys With Beards Are Better With Money?

For years now, the month of November has been highlighted as a time to raise awareness for issues like men’s physical and mental health, and cancer. It’s done through the creation of “Movember,” where men let their moustaches run free, and “No Shave November,” where men forego shaving for cancer awareness. These both have now been around long enough that someone finally decided to get some firm data on facial hair and how the world perceives it.

Lending Tree surveyed over 2,000 Americans to find out beards, the men who grow them, and the money they spend.

  • Almost half of American’s (48%) think bearded men are better with money.
  • As far as men with facial hair, 75% claim they areindeedbetter with money.
  • To honor Movember and No Shave November, 46% of men will ditch the razor for the month. That also goes for 24% of women.
  • 16% of men say they’ve gotten into an argument with a significant other over their facial hair…those with facial hair are clearly more passionate about defending it.
  • Shockingly, men spend more cash on grooming products than women. The guys spend $42 monthly on razors, shave cream, and the like. Women, on the other hand, spend $39.
  • Men dig self-care, too, spending money on massages (12%), manicures and pedicures (9%), facials (9%), and waxing (7%). That’s especially true with the Gen Z and Millennial crowd.

Source:Lending Tree

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