MIT Student Turns Prank Dating App Into Matchmaking Service

A freshman at MIT created a fake dating app for Harvard students but it's turned into the real deal. About a month ago, Liam Kronman came up with the idea of starting the “Harvard Marriage Pact” as a way to prank Harvard students. He wanted to see how many people would sign up and test his computer science skills at the same time, and says he “was just hoping to have some fun and hopefully make some fun of Harvard students while at it.”

But news of the site spread across the Cambridge campus quickly and Kronman says it got “an overwhelming number of responses.” That all changed when another site called “Marriage Pact” heard about it. It’s a matchmaking service that launched at Stanford and expanded to 64 college campuses and its creators shut down Harvard Marriage Pact mid-October. But at that point, no one realized it had been a prank and some people who signed up with their personal information were worried they’d been scammed.

So on October 31st, Kronman relaunched a new dating app, ExExEx, but this one has an actual matching algorithm and a unique approach. He says it’s based on the idea that your dating preferences mirror your ex’s ex’s dating preferences, so you’ll probably be compatible with your ex’s ex’s ex. Kronman used the results from his fake app to get this one started and he’s had new sign ups as well. It only works when someone AND their ex sign up for the site, but there’s a feature to anonymously invite your ex to join.


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