"Grey's Anatomy" Was Renewed . . . Again . . . and the Internet Has Jokes

"Grey's Anatomy" was renewed . . . AGAIN . . . for a 19th season. Ellen Pompeo has signed on to return as Meredith Grey. And even this might not be the end. There's no mention yet of this being the final season.

After hearing the renewal news, many fans had fun and took to Twitter to share some jokes. Here are a few:

"The fact that Ellen Pompeo could've spent all those years to become an actual doctor."

"Ellen Pompeo is a better woman than me 'cause at this point I would've killed my character off myself."

"Sandra Oh has already had 5,000 other acclaimed series and Ellen Pompeo is still pretending to give CT scans on'Grey's Anatomy'."

"The year is 2087. 'Grey's Anatomy' will be returning for season 176 with the late Ellen Pompeo coming back from the dead once again, to play Meredith Grey."

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