Best Pic Of March For Chance To Win FREE Movie Tickets For A Year!

We have FREE MOVIE tickets for a whole YEAR.  We feel as though this would be great experience and we are a group of people that are all about living life!  So we decided the best way to give them away were for others to share with us your BEST PICTURE of FEBRUARY!  

**IMPORTANT** Once your name is called on the radio you have 5 minutes to call (404) 741-9610 to claim your tickets.  Fail to do so and we will move on!

Below is pictures from the gang for the month of March!!!


The below picture is of last month's winners Cody, Madison & Arkayic!  Good luck to ALL entries!!!


Let's see you shine for March!!!


Congratulations to our WINNER Sam!!!! Air horns!!!!! You just won FREE movies for a whole year!



Terry J

Terry J

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) and yes, I bleed Purple and Gold. Love food! I try to be very active love to watch and participate in sports as well as going for runs throughout the... Read more


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