What Should The School Done In This Situation Or Were They Right?!

High school student told to put bandages on her nipples after not wearing a bra to school!

Lizzy Martinez, a 17-year-old from Bradenton, Florida, says she was told by staff at Braden River High School to cover her nipples with bandages after she didn't wear a bra to school. Martinez was told that she "violated the dress code" by dressing in a way that "distracted other students." [Twitter]

Liz in a tweet shared this, I decided not to wear a bra today and got pulled out of class bc one of my teachers complained that it was a “distraction to boys in my class.” My school basically told me that boys’ education is far more important than mine and I should be ashamed of my body.


This tweet sent social media into firestorm with many backing the Liz and coming to her defense.

Liz follows up her previous tweet to explain more of what happened even further in the following tweet.  

They said my outfit was “distracting others” lmk how a long sleeve t-shirt and  jeans are distracting.. smh at body shaming if another girl with smaller boobs or a guy was wearing my t-shirt it wouldn’t have been “inappropriate”


What should have happened in this situation?  Clearly body shaming and the tone that was set was not the way to go.  Should anything have been done in this situation?  Is it necessary that women and young women be made mandatory that they wear a bra?  Is that not a double standard just because women bodies are glorified and held to a different esteem in our society?

What should the school have done?  Should they have sent her home or asked her to put on a bra if she had one with her at school?  What is the actual protocol for a situation like this?  If this was your child or sister how would you have wanted this situation take care of?

Terry J

Terry J

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