Did He Bring A Whole Record Player To A Class Exam?! LMAO!

According to Twitter Eric Saueracker told students they couldn't bring cell phones to class on exam day because the devices could be used for cheating. One crafty student who needed his music, however, made sure he could listen to Kanye West while taking the test.


Now I will say, that while I feel as though this kid is doing the most when it comes to how he is listening to music during his exam.  Which, by his teacher I guess is ok to do, his music choice is not bad at all!  

Kanye West College Dropout Album is an all time favorite of mine.  At first when examining this picture I thought to myself what is this kid doing?  Someone needs to introduce this kid to a cd player though.  I know you just read that last line and is thinking to yourself who still has cds let alone cd players... but honestly look at the picture again.  This kid clearly has a record player!!! LOL 

Back to the music selection, Kanye West College Dropout easily one my favorite albums of all time so the fact that it is 2018 and kids are still in high school like I was when I hear it for the first time.

Then there was twitter when I they saw the pictures... 


I remember when I use to be like this, young people always think they are doing something new! LOL  You can tell that in this person's tweet. LMAO!


Not going to lie, this thought definitely crossed my mind.  I don't know what that says about me but I am on the same wave length as this guy right here! 

Terry J

Terry J

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