How Clean Are You?! What Should You Clean And How Often!

Growing up, early Saturday morning was major chore day before I could leave the house and go play.  I would clean my room then move to the restroom that my brother and I occupied.  From there I would cleaning the living room and kitchen.  The house was always immaculate.

When I got to college I noticed that everybody did not have the same cleaning habits that I had acquired growing up.  

Then I started to wonder how much do things actually need to be cleaned?  That's when I came across this article the other day.  Check the following out!  

Just in case you were curious about what should be cleaned and when: 

Things You Should Clean Every Day: 

Clean Phones With A Cloth Dipped In 50/50 Solution Of Water And Vinegar 

Sinks, Kitchen Countertops, Stove Surfaces. Squeegee Showers

Things You Should Clean Every Few Days:

Swap Out Bath Towels Every Other Day

Swap Out Or Clean Sponges With The Microwave Or Bleach Is Even Better

Things You Should Clean Once A Week:

Wipe Down The Bathroom

Clean Bathtub

Disinfect Shower Curtains With A Baking Soda And Vinegar SolutionChange Your Sheets

Wipe Down Doorknobs

Vacuum Rugs (But More Often If You Have Pets)

Dust-Mop Hardwood FloorsKeyboard, Mouse, And Monitor


Oh you thought I was done...

Things You Should Clean Once A Month: 

Clean Baseboards And Blinds

Sweep The Garage, Patio, And Walkways

Vacuum Upholstered Furniture With The Brush Attachment

Clean Ceiling FansWash Throw Rugs

Dust Ceiling FansInside Of A Coffee Pot

Things You Should Clean Every 3-4 Months:

Deep Clean Your Refrigerator With Warm Soapy Water

Polish Wood Furniture

Change Or Clean Furnace And Air-Conditioner Filters (Less Frequently In Low-Use Seasons)

Clean The OvenPillows


Things You Should Clean Once A Year:

Move Heavy Furniture To Clean Behind And Underneath

Wash WallsSteam-Clean Carpets

I really feel like a slob because I don’t clean any of these things in my house that regularly.


Terry J

Terry J

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