The Engine Blew In The Sky But She Brought The Bird Down

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Our engine that blew out at 38000 ft. A window blew out, a man saved us all as he jumped to cover the window. Unfortunately we lost a passenger to a heart attack. The pilot, Tammy Jo was so amazing! She landed us safely in Philly. God sent his angels to watch over us. I actually heard someone say, there is a God!! #southwest #flight1380 #godsenthisangels #anotherdayofgrace

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It seems like something out of a movie.  Probably a pilot and passenger worst nightmare and while there was a casualty the situation could have been a whole lot worse if it wasn't for Tammie Jo Shults! 

The engine exploded in midair and a woman was being sucked out of the cabin. Pilot Tammie Jo Shults, 1 of the Navy's 1st female fighter pilots & 1st to fly an F/A-18, kept her cool, safely landing a Boeing 737 #Southwest jetliner full of passengers according to twitter reports.

“Is your airplane physically on fire?” asks air traffic control.“No, it’s not on fire, but part of it’s missing,” replies pilot Tammie Jo Shults. Today she safely landed Southwest #1380 after an engine failed and blew a hole in the cabin. Listen below!

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