The 'Instagram' Drug Dealer Sentenced To Prison

The woman who posted drug smuggling trip on Instagram sentenced to prison.  Drug dealing isn't something good or something to be glorified.  Apparently, in the age where it didn't happen if you don't post about it.  This woman will have a long time to not only think about getting a more legal job but also the things she post on her social media.  SMHw

One of the two Canadian women who documented a lavish cruise trip to Australia on Instagram as a front for smuggling cocaine has been sentenced to at least four and a half years in prison.


At least two photos showing them drinking from coconuts while kneeling in the water at a Tahiti beach in bikinis.

Others show them driving dune buggies in Peru, while another appears to show Roberge getting a leg tattoo in Tahiti. Lagacé is pictured on her own account wearing a necklace made from beads in the shape of marijuana leaves.

The women appear to have also traveled to Bermuda, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia, the posts show.

According to [CNN]

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