If This Happened In Atlanta It Would Be A Jungle!!

The city of Atlanta has been growing leaps and bounds.  At every turn there is construction going on, new high rises are developing.  New business are popping up, luxury condos and apartments everywhere and with that being said a whole lot of potholes.  All over the city.

If you have driven over the metal patches then you know.  In some cities others have taken a different approach to handling the pothole epidemic! lol


People are actually getting creative and leaving messages on the grounds with people's names in them!  Definitely extra bonus points for that! 


I'm sorry the hole is so damn deep that they planted a whole ass tree in it's place!!! STHU!!!!

Terry J

Terry J

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) and yes, I bleed Purple and Gold. Love food! I try to be very active love to watch and participate in sports as well as going for runs throughout the... Read more


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