1976 Letter From A Silicon Valley Executive That Called Steve Jobs A Joker!


Before the world new what Apple the company was, there was Steve Jobs engineering greatness out of his garage.  This Silicon Valley executive didn't have the foresight to recognize how great this man would become.

As the old saying goes,"Don't judge a book by it's cover!"


Just in case you can't read this 'jokers' penmanship, it reads as follows: 

“Bob — This joker (attached) is going to be calling you. Somebody at Regis McKenna recommended us (you). They are 2 guys — they build kits — operate out of a garage — want our catalog sheets. Wants it for nothing. Wouldn’t trust me. Told him we’d like to see what they’ve got — we’d estimate — then decide.

Sounds flakey. Watch it!


Wow...think he wishes he hadn't written this now!

Terry J

Terry J

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