Floyd Mayweather’s Gift To His Daughter On Her 18th Worth Millions


Her past birthday gifts included a Mercedes 550 S-Class as well as a G-Class she was given for her 14th birthday. And just two years after Drake and Future performed at her 16th birthday, Iyanna was gifted a massive diamond ring, which is said to be worth “several million dollars.”

According to brobible, in an interview with the jewler, “The center is an 18-carat canary yellow [diamond],” said the president of Pristine Jewelers and creator of the sparkler. “It’s mounted in platinum. Each stone around is a carat and a half. There’s eight of them.” “Canary diamonds are a little bit more expensive,” a jeweler explained. “So, he wanted something different because she has a lot of white diamond rings. He wanted something to pop out and stand out.”

How long before you think she either stops wearing it or loses it?!

Terry J

Terry J

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