The Man Who Called The Police On A Pig!!

According to Twitter, over the weekend, a "very sober" Ohio man called the authorities on a pig who wouldn't leave his side during his walk home. Turns out, Zoey the pig just wanted to be petted and was eventually reunited with her owner.


About 5 a.m. on Saturday, a police department in Ohio got an unusual call. A man reported that he was being followed home by a pig. 

The North Ridgeville Police Department was skeptical and assumed the man had been drinking. "Night shift responded to the obviously drunk guy walking home from the bar at 5:26 in the morning," the police wrote in a Facebook post that has been shared nearly 15,000 times. "He was at least drunk enough to call the police on himself while hallucinating." 

But when the patrol officers arrived, they found "a very sober male" traveling on foot, and he had cloven-hoofed company. [NPR]

Reports are in that the pig name is Zoey is safe and has been returned to their owners! LOL

Terry J

Terry J

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