Kid Taunts Cam Newton At Football Camp, Cam Not Having It

You ever heard the phrase 'Put up or shut up'?  If you haven't, watch the Cam Newton video with this middle/high schooler taunting Cam.  You will understand soon

You may not agree, but I am on Cam Newton side on this one!  The kid is at his camp and coming at him.  Plus he old enough to know better.  These days everybody doing something to go viral. 


Of course instantly Cam became an internet meme...


Then of course the jokes rolled in as well!

Terry J

Terry J

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) and yes, I bleed Purple and Gold. Love food! I try to be very active love to watch and participate in sports as well as going for runs throughout the... Read more


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