A Pizza Wedding Bouquet Is The Perfect Way To Say 'I DO'


On that big day, when you are getting ready to walk down the isle and profess your love for your significant other to the rest of the world.  So many thoughts coursing through your mind and then all of a sudden...that smell hits you!

In fact, how does that moment even come to be?  Most women for their wedding go with the traditional fake or if you are balling real flowers!! 

This couple though... dare to be different and they knocked this one right of the ballpark of different!


Making these items even more enticing, the pizza chain, which has nearly 250 locations, says that they are, in fact, edible, meaning that—unlike with some flowers—you can dig into these cheesy (in a good way, both literally and figuratively) bouquets and boutonnieres to help deal with those after-party hunger pangs. Just be careful. Tomato sauce and cheese grease both seem like a serious enemy for any wedding attire—especially a white wedding dress. Though Villa Italian Kitchen suggests this issue can be easily overlooked by any bride who truly loves pizza.

Still, regardless of such concerns, pizza bouquets and boutonnieres seem like an awesome way to pepperoni up any wedding, bringing us to our final sad detail: these items are not available for sale. Instead, Villa Italian Kitchen will “randomly select a limited number of lucky couples to receive the set free of charge” from anyone in the contiguous 48 states who signs up at VillaItalianKitchen.com/PizzaBouquet. (Your wedding date also has to be prior to September 30, 2018.)



Very valid question... I'll allow it!

Terry J

Terry J

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