Shirtless Man Causes Major Traffic Jam After Climbing On Freeway Sign


The man appeared to be protesting something before he backflipped off the 110 freeway sign down to a safety airbag set up by police. He was arrested and commuters were able to proceed after being stuck for hours. [Twitter]


During the Wednesday morning rush, he climbed a sign above the 110 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles, leading to a partial shutdown of the major city artery and ruining the commute of hundreds, if not thousands, of Angelenos.

The man, shirtless and wearing boxer shorts, socks and high-tops, used a bullhorn to announce his name was "Dephree." He also hung a sign with the name.

He decorated the freeway sign with other banners as well, including one that read "Give a hoot don't pollute!"

Responding Los Angeles city firefighters and California Highway Patrol officers deployed ladders in an attempt to get him down, but "Dephree" was far from done.

What followed was about two hours of high-stakes thrills, where the man danced, vaped, rapped, evaded capture and eventually backflipped into custody. [laist]

Terry J

Terry J

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