This Sunbathing Calculator Will Warn You Before You Get Burned

LBR, bad sunburn happens to the best of us, but wouldn’t it be amazing if we could know exactly how much sun exposure our skin could handle before we turn into an overcooked lobster?! Well, thanks to this new sunbathing calculator, you can say goodbye to sunburn for good.

This new calculator, which is free to use online, will let you know exactly how much time you can spend in the sun without causing skin damage, so basically, it’s the kind of technology you never knew you needed… until now. All you have to do is input a few minor details, such as your skin tone, the intensity of the sunlight, your altitude, and the SPF of the sunscreen you’ve been using, and the calculator will let you know when you need to step out of the sun and give your skin a break. 

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Sunbathing Calculator

Do you always remember to put on sunscreen before going outside? Are you sure that you use enough? The Sunbathing Calculator 🌞 will tell you when's the time to go back under an umbrella not to suffer from a sunburn!


Click here to try out the sunbathing calculator!

Terry J

Terry J

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