What's Dumbest Thing You Have Done To Impress The One You Like


We've all done something embarrassing in a futile attempt to impress someone, but the times we're doing it for someone we like are the most cringy memories we have. The thing about being cute is that it can't be forced.

Let these be a lesson to you...

1/36. I once let a girl borrow my shorts cause hers got wet, I walked around the school in my undies until I got suspended.


2/36. Third grade, she let out a very sizable fart as we were all quietly reading. I apologized as if it was mine. She jeered more than anyone else.


3/36. In my last year of high school, I let one of her friends set fire to my arm because she wanted to see what it would look like.


4/36. Man, just a few months ago (was 24), I had a major crush on a co-worker and f*cking meowed at her. Still don't understand why. I'm not even that weird, it just happened.


5/36. In sixth grade, I changed the way I wrote the number 4 from the field-goal post fashion to the triangle fashion (4), in the hopes that the girl who sat next to me in math class would notice we wrote the number four in a similar fashion and would become infatuated with me. Still write that way to this day too.


6/36. In elementary school I ran into a door on purpose really hard one time when he was nearby just to hear him say, "are you okay?"


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Terry J

Terry J

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