If You Are A Harry Potter Fan You Have To Have This!!!

A new Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts Castle set has been revealed, and with 6,020 pieces, it will be the second largest LEGO set ever created by the building block company, just behind the Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon. This is the most accurate LEGO recreation of Hogwarts. However, there is one major difference between this version and the previous editions of LEGO Hogwarts, and it might disappoint some collectors and fans.

Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts Castle

While this version of Hogwarts provides far more detail and space on the inside of the castle than previous versions, if you look at the rooms, you’ll notice that the minifigures inside are not the traditional LEGO minifigures that usually come with the playsets. Instead, the new Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts Castle comes with the microfigures, not unlike those included with the massive LEGO SHIELD Helicarrier from The Avengers.

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Terry J

Terry J

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