Possibly The Weirdest Secret Passage Way To A Party Ever!!!!

Bruce Wayne had the Batcave, Superman had a telephone booth and this party has a port-o-potty! LMAO!!  Imagine walking to a row of these port-o-potties and one of them is the entry way to the best time of your life.  Well, that is actually a reality!


At first glance if you didn't know what was going on you would think that a bunch of people walking into a pot-o-potty is freaky but then you realize they don't come out and that there is loud music coming from the same spot.


I guess you can never really judge a book by its cover but damn this party actually looks legit!

Terry J

Terry J

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) and yes, I bleed Purple and Gold. Love food! I try to be very active love to watch and participate in sports as well as going for runs throughout the... Read more


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