Well This Takes The Fun Out Of Finding Waldo Or Does It?


AI-powered robot is here to spoil your Where's Waldo hunt

The folks at creative agency Redpepper developed a robot that is capable of sifting through dozens of faces to find one in particular. To test the AI program, they put the robot to the Waldo test.

Matt Reed, the Creative Technologist at Redpepper who shepherded the project, explained via email: “I got all of the Waldo training images from Google Image Search; 62 distinct Waldo heads and 45 Waldo heads plus body. I thought that wouldn’t be enough data to build a strong model but it gives surprisingly good predictions on Waldos that weren’t in the original training set.” Reed was inspired by Amazon Rekognition’s ability to recognize celebrities, and wanted to experiment on a similar system which supported cartoons. He had no prior experience with AutoML, and it took him about a week to code the robot in Python.

Full story on The Verge

Terry J

Terry J

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