This Has Been Buried In Her Eyeballs For 28 YEARS!!!

Woman Finds Contact Lens She Lost In Her Eye 28 YEARS Ago After Doctors Remove It Buried In Her Eyelid

A 42-year-old British woman was experiencing painful swelling in her upper eyelid for six months. She visited her ophthalmologist and they discovered a cyst that caused a lump in her eyelid. You’ll never guess what was causing the cyst?

Doctors conducted an MRI and discovered a cyst in her drooping eyelid. The woman underwent surgery and during the procedure, the cyst popped.

Inside the popped cyst surgeons found a “bluish mass” that was actually an entire contact lens.

The AOP's head of education and optometrist, Dr Ian Beasley, said: “This case highlights why visiting an optometrist regularly is so important, especially for contact lens users. Luckily in this instance the patient’s sight wasn’t damaged but it’s a reminder that if patients have any concerns about their eyes they should consult an eye health professional – optometrists are well placed to provide advice, or a referral for more serious injuries if needed.”

Terry J

Terry J

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