Using A Phone While Driving Is Illegal, Seems GA Drivers Don't Care Still

Since the “Hands-Free Georgia Act” took effect in July, roughly 1,000 citations have been issued

The “Hands-Free Georgia Act,” long-discussed legislation that bars drivers from touching their smartphones, went into effect about two months ago.

Motorists caught tweeting or texting or even switching the Spotify playlist can be pinned with a $50 fine and a point on their license. For a first offense, that is.

People busted two or three times could be docked $100 or $150, respectively, and an additional two or three penalty points.

But after three violations of the new law, the punishment doesn’t increase, which might have something to do with why Georgia drivers don’t seem to care much about obliging the cell phone ban.

In just the first month since the law took effect, nearly 1,000 citations were issued, according to Fox 5, citing research published by the American Automobile Association (AAA).

AAA, surveying about 1,200 people in Georgia, found that 98 percent of drivers are well aware that it’s now illegal to use their devices while behind the wheel.

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Terry J

Terry J

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