Tired Of Spending Money At The Spa! Build Your Own At Home!


Going to a spa can be costly and before you even start wondering. Yes, I go get mani-pedis! Bros, if you are reading this, your woman don't like to see your crusty ass feet or today's adventures all under your fingernails and then you turn around and touch her. Trust me, plenty women see your crusty feet and dirty and hands with you trying to approach and be like...


On the other hand women spend so much on spas and treatments that it can be a rather expensive hit to the coin. That being said this YouTuber wondered what it would be like to build her own spa! Some products I would get behind and might even consider actually purchasing!

Which ones from this video would you LOVE to have at home?

Terry J

Terry J

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) and yes, I bleed Purple and Gold. Love food! I try to be very active love to watch and participate in sports as well as going for runs throughout the... Read more


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