10 Random But Hilarious Dating Sites!

Online dating app in smartphone. Man looking at photo of beautiful woman. Person swiping and liking profiles on relationship site or application. Single guy searching for love partner.

What would we do without dating sites? We’d probably have to meet and talk to people in-person and who wants to do that? Unheard of! Especially during the pandemic, logging onto an app at the palm of your hands is one of the most sensible, safe and efficient ways to meet new people. However, making sure you choose the right dating-site is one of the first and biggest steps to online dating. If you’re looking to date a farmer, they may get lost in the left and right swipe of Tinder and if you’re looking for a sugar-daddy, you probably wouldn’t find him on the female-led Bumble! From preferences in diet to someone to share your latest STD with, these are ten hilarious and random dating sites:

  • Date A Golfer - dating exclusively for golf lovers
  • Diaper Mates - dating for adult and parent diaper lovers
  • Gluten Free Singles - dating for those seeking mates who are celiac, gluten sensitive, or have other food allergies and health issues
  • 420 Mate - dating for those looking for someone acceptable of the “green lifestyle” to meet, connect, and grow a relationship
  • Mullet Passions - dating for singles with a mullet...and for those with the taste and style to appreciate these unique trendsetters
  • Date My Pet -  dating for pet lovers
  • Marry Me Already - dating for those looking to find lasting love, and site they are seeking a deeper connection
  • Positive Match - dating for people living with STDs
  • Purrsonals - dating site for cat lovers

It’s true, dating has evolved and in the last 20 years finding a lover online is normal. Most sites work by matching you with someone that shares your interests and needs so it’s time to get specific with what you want. You don’t want to shop around the wrong pool and eventually get ghosted like the guy in the First Date Follow Up! What hilariously random dating sites have you been on? Listen to The Jubal Show below!