Breaking News: Chick-fil-a coming soon .... NOT!

Michael Rubin's Fanatics Super Bowl Party - Arrivals

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This is the Idiot News Network where idiots aren't just in the news, they report the news! For Friday April 15th, 2022:

Jubal Fresh reports on the ridiculous new service rich people are purchasing! Believe it or not, people are actually paying professionals to name their kids for $10K a pop! Click here if you want someone to name your baby for $10K.

Alex Fresh reports on the weirdest guy to play in the NBA and the good deeds he's doing in Florida! That's right, Dennis Rodman was making it rain hundred of dollars for the strippers in Florida! Click here to check out Dennis Rodman's party in the middle of the street here.

English Evan reports on a hilarious prank that could wind you up in jail! In a small town in Texas, someone posted a sign that a Chic-fil-a was coming soon ... sike. Click here to read more about this hilarious prank.

Christian Gray Snow thinks if you get kicked out of school, you should get free tuition! A couple of students refused to leave class after showing up late. The professors policy being, if you're late you don't get to come to class but they believed they already paid tuition so they didn't leave so she called the police! Click here to read more about this story.

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